Journey to Guinea 2013-2014

Intensive percussion and dance training aiming for participation
of the 3rd edition of the International North-South Cultural Exchange Festival

From the 22nd of December 2013 until the 13th of January 2014


The festival will last one day during which around 10 groups will give a performance. The participants to the trip, trained by Babara and other teachers will have the opportunity to make a show in a typical African setting: Enjoy! It’s party time!


Bolokan party
festival festival



Trainees have the choice between djembe, dance or dununs. The training will take place in two different locations: With the Baga in Bel Air, with the Susu in Conakry.

Several (different) levels will be established according to the level of the participants. The journey is open to everyone, whatever his level, (no matter what level of regardless of their level) from beginners (minimum 1 year experience) to professional.

The trainees will follow an intensive training of 12 days, 4 hours/day (2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon), the objective being a concert during the International Festival of Cultural Exchange North-South.

The rest of the day, trainees will be free to visit the surroundings, local markets or take a rest (or just relax of or take a break). Courses of other instruments will be possible at trainees’ cost (expenses). Trainees will have also the opportunity to attend to dununbas and other local parties. During two afternoons, trainees will have the opportunity to share a moment of reading with children from a local school.


Inscriptions commence at the 15th of March 2013. We hope you will all join this incredible adventure.


local boys party Conakry
street market


Percussion Teachers

Babara Bangoura

Alpha Touré

Koumbana Condé

Aly Sylla

Moussé Dramé (Tama lessons)


Dance Teachers

Ali Mara

Seny Bangoura

The dance training will be given by two teachers assisted by dancers of Guinean origin.

Update of the teachers team and the groups participating the festival in the course of 2013 on this website.


dancing lessons playing the douns

Towns & Accommodation

Bel Air is a city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, located in Basse-Guinée in the region of Bofa, 225 km from Conakry. The sandy white beach is 7 km long. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches of the seaside.

Conakry is the capital city of Guinea, located on the Atlantic Ocean. The vegetation of maritime Guinea consists of Mangroves, Palm trees and Coconut trees.

With approximately 2 million inhabitants Conakry is the biggest city in Guinea. The port activity is the main economic sector of the economy of the city.

Trainees will sleep (in rooms of 3 to 4 persons) in hostels or comfortable hotels. Couples will have the opportunity to have their own room by paying an extra fee.


Bel Air Breakfast Bel Air djembe lessons arrival djembe transport Conakry harbour landscape


Available September 2013.

This year, we have the opportunity to offer participants who have their own percussion group (Duba) and their own program, to perform at Bel Air and in Conakry (town center, at Matam) during their stay.



Price excluding flight: 1265 euros (including visa)

Price including flight: Possible from a certain number of inscribers.

Included : lessons, accommodation, full board, transport between Bel Air and Conakry.


Inscription before October 15th, valid after reception of a deposit of 800 €.


Balance must be paid before November 15th 2013.

IBAN BE71 7512 0159 8069 -  BIC AXABBE22


The origin of the festival

January 2008, Babara wished to show how Africans, Europeans, Americans and Asians share the same pleasure of the West-African music and dance. He thus created the International North-South Cultural Exchange Festival to allow his trainees to meet different ballet and traditional music groups of the Manding.

January 2010, due to unstable political situation in Guinea, the festival was cancelled.

January 2012, the second edition of the festival took place and was a great success.

January 2014 will see the 3rd edition of the festival.


More information and inscriptions on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or +32 2 644 09 72