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Manding Foli is a percussion school founded in Brussels in 2005 by Babara Bangoura. His goal is to transfer West-African culture and traditional music. The AISBL organises lessons on a regular basis, workshops in Belgium and abroad, events like concerts, festivals, animations, team building, etc. The lessons, which are mainly focussed on playing djembe,  dununs and  krin, are being given by Babara Bangoura and David Manderlier. During workshops however, different  disciplines are offered: dance, balafon, songs, kora, ngoni,...


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"Le Guinédénou"

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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 12:49


Video of the first International North-South Exchange Festival in Guinea (2007-2008)

Djembe kan (Babara solo)
publicity for the festival in Guinea



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