A traditional Guinean percussion group founded by Babara Bangoura in 2002. Since then more and more people with a passion for West-African music joined this group. On top of the traditional djembes and dununs, Bolokan makes the krin, the djabara and the gongoma resound, without forgetting the traditional songs and dance, true allies of african music.


The group consists of the following members:

  • Babara Bangoura
  • Philippe Nullens
  • David Manderlier
  • Hichem Slama
  • Martin Chemin
  • Cyrille Peltre
  • Geoffrey Desmet
  • Massimo Palumbo
  • Koen Meynckens
  • Kankan Bayo
  • Aminata Touré

For more photos and music, see also Myspace/bolokanmusic.